LePotato Freezing about 20 seconds into Video

Trying to play a high bitrate 80mbps H265 video from an attached USB device and about in 20 seconds the board completely locks up. here is attached loglog-2018-06-02-00.34.01.zip (364.0 KB)

I hope you’re using a POWERED USB Drive or enclosure ? You call it a device ?

Yes it is a USB2 external drive on a powered HUB.

Does the drive have it’s own PSU?

That is irrelevant as the same setup works on a different box. I chose a LePotato as the AML SOC seems to have much better community support then the Allwinner SOC on the other device its working fine on.

I’m not sure I got the point with the irrelevancy or the last post for that matter.

I would have thought if you have two different boxes/boards, they probably both have have different power consumption needs. And both probably can’t output exactly the same amount of power via a usb port albeit they should.

If you have a possibility to connect the external drive via it’s own PSU, give it a go.

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Read my second post… Its on a POWERED HUB. So yes it is irrelevant. And to take it a step further when i install the Android for the LePotato it plays just fine.

What it looks like I am kind of running into is this as another LePotato users has brought up


The reason this is suggested is because external, powered USB drives has been more reliable for others than what you are currently using. If you’re not interested in trying a HDD with it’s own, independant PSU (which is not the same as a 2.5" via powered hub) then good luck with your quest.

I ripped the Seagate drive out of the enclosure and put it in a separate powered enclosure. Same thing. I even tried it on another drive USB 3 drive. Exact same issue. Using libreelec it plays for a longer time then crashes the system. It does it consistently in the same spot. And again this hub is perfectly powering these drives on other systems and the same video is playing on them.

Could it have something to do with the image. I am plying dumb here but do i have to apply a specfic dtb file for the 2gb LePotato?