LG OLED 65B8 No video HDR content [Solved Bad Quality HDMI Cable]

I will try to do some testing when I get home, what demo’s do I need to try? I already have some from the last testing further up the post and they are hit and miss if they work or not.

The box is connected directly to the tv, my amp isnt capable of HDMI so is connected via optical.

Settings wise on the tv, nothing has been changed since I got it other than brightness and turning off processing such as noise reduction etc. Deep colour is turned on as it automatically does even if I turn it off. This is connected on HDMI1 which is the only port I am using.

The issue is deffo the Kodi box, as changing various settings causes it to work, nothing has changed on the tv it is the CE version that has changed and introduced new settings.

Appreciate that you need the Dispinfo though so will endeavour to get these.

We need dispinfo output from when you have no signal, whether you’re playing content or not. But GUI should be set to 1080P 60Hz (or 50Hz), as per our recommended settings before you start testing.
What you need is different HDR10 test videos with 24FPS, 25FPS, 30FPS, 50FPS and 60FPS. Check with each one how it works with Kodi CE settings at their default values.

Any particular videos I should be using on here…

I’ve got Sony swordfish 59.941, Samsung travel with my pet and the LG chess one.

Try as many as you can which have different properties and when you find a problematic sample, try others which have the same properties. There are plenty of samples at https://kodi.wiki/view/Samples, https://4kmedia.org/, https://thedigitaltheater.com/ etc

I assume you know that your setup is not capable of playing digital audio signals directly, such as 5.1/7.1 multi-channel PCM, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Atmos, DTS-HD Master Audio, DTS:X, and Auro 3D Audio as they cannot be transferred via Digital Optical connections. To transfer these types of audio signal formats you need to use HDMI. So, if you care about Dolby Atmos etc, buy a new AVR… :slight_smile:

The most important information we need is dispinfo and information from your TV regarding what signal information it receives when there is no signal





Couldn’t find a 30FPS video, but it should work the same as 60FPS videos.

@richardc1983, here are some of the names of the samples that I tested earlier when I had some issues with my receiver which is not accepting 10bit 422 signal.

Remember to give us all relevant information regarding each sample: Ex. (2160p 420 10bit (BT.709) 30fps 51mb), (2160p 420 10bit (BT.2020) 30fps 50mbit) etc. Use Mediainfo if you need to

Thank you , yes the amp is connected via optical from the TV to the amp so it sends the 5.1 over. Amp is something I’ll look at in the future but not right now.

Thanks for all the titles I’ll try to do these soon.

connect via ssh and type dispinfo and send a link

Managed to find this 30 fps video sample will this be ok?

Ok here it goes my first time of doing logs…

System config logs - http://ix.io/1FLd

Display GUI set to 1920x1080p 50hz refresh rate (makes no diff if set to 60hz either). I did the tests twice, 1st log is with “Use 4:2:2 colour sampling” toggle set to default off. The 2nd logs are with 4.2.2 toggle set to on. Could only get 24fps to show up on the 2nd try with 4.2.2 toggle on, no others would work.

24fps - Samsung Wonderland Two

  1. Tv shows HDR logo then no signal comes up have to pressing stop returns back to GUI which displays as normal - http://ix.io/1FM2
  2. Tv shows HDR this plays as normal with HDR logo, 3840x2160p 23.976 frame rate - http://ix.io/1FMf

25fps - LG New York

  1. HDR logo before no signal - http://ix.io/1FM5
  2. HDR logo on tv before no signal - http://ix.io/1FMh

30fps - LG Freeze Ice and also LG Eye of Storm

  1. No HDR logo just no signal - http://ix.io/1FM8
  2. No HDR logo just no signal - http://ix.io/1FMj

50fps - Travel XP

  1. No HDR logo just no signal - http://ix.io/1FMc
  2. No HDR logo just no signal - http://ix.io/1FMk

50fps - Sony Mont Blanc HDR

  1. HDR logo then no signal - http://ix.io/1FM5
  2. HDR logo then no signal - http://ix.io/1FMh

50fps - ffimon upload test file (libx265-cry 26.5 fast.mkv)

  1. HDR logo then no signal - http://ix.io/1FMe
  2. HDR logo then no signal - http://ix.io/1FMl

60fps - Samsung Travel With My Pet

  1. HDR logo shows up but then shows no signal - http://ix.io/1FMe
  2. No HDR logo just no signal - http://ix.io/1FMl

Hope this is enough,

I think that’s all we need, thanks.
Looks like both 4:2:0 and 4:2:2 chroma doesn’t work at 50/60Hz.
I’ll leave this to @cdu13a since he has a lot more understanding what could be wrong.
In any case, from what I’ve heard, it’s possible that this gen of LG TVs may require a specific configuration to work correctly.

Thanks in advance for your help. I wonder why it is like this with this generation of tv?

Could the same happen with blu ray players?

My (not very educated) guess is that there’s some sort of incompatibility with the way HDMI clock frequencies are configured on CE side, which prevents the TV from interpreting the signal correctly.

That means nothing to me and I’m sure LG will say there is no fault otherwise people with blu ray players would be reporting the same issues?

Or do blu ray players work differently?

It’s possible that we’re doing something wrong setting up the HDMI signal, something that other TVs manage to handle and your LG doesn’t for whatever reason. We’re looking into it.

Sorry I didn’t mean to sound abrupt. What I meant was I don’t really understand the technical side to it but I am interested to know more.

We still don’t really know what is wrong exactly. I have a B7, and none of those problems, but it seems that with the 2018 models, something doesn’t play well together between CE and the TV.
I can’t really give out any more information, since we don’t really know what’s wrong exactly.

You see I thought the b7 was the same as the b8 apart from the processor.

Well, the processor can make a lot of difference. :slight_smile:

This seems like a corner case…

@richardc1983, is your TV able to show the signal properties it is receiving? I would be interesting to know what information it says it’s receiving before playback and when it looses signal. Ex resolution, bitdepth, HDR, Chroma Subsampling etc.