Library cleaning too low

I don’t know if this issue is already spoked, i will try. I have a s905x with a 1TB nas on lan . When i try to clean the video library on the nas , this operation is very very low. This might do 30 minutes and sometime the process may block. The nas, switch and router have 1Gbps link but the s905x 100Mbit. I know that this may decrease the speed of the link but especially lately it has become more slower. In fact before it was slow but the work ended but now it is even slower and sometimes it does not finish cleaning. Any suggestion? Thanks

You can find PR for this issue here:

So it’s WIP from kodi side…

I have a lot of content and it cleans in just over a couple of minutes. I find one of the big differences is the speed of cleaning is the sd speed a box installed to internal is generally quicker. My old kodi media box used to take 5 mins with a conventional HDD when I swapped to mSata it droped to less than a Min.