Library Scan from USB HDD Fails

Hi everyone,

I have just got my Odroid N2 CoreElec edition and I have an external 2.5inch Seagate 1TB drive attached but the library scan fails with Failed to scan tvshow in the event log. I have tried adding the source through /media/Expansion or through /var/media/Expansion but they both fail to scan the items and my Library remains empty.

I have tried adding my NAS as a source and it scans and content is added to the library fine.

Any help would be much appreciated.


Do you have the facility for plugging the external drive into your NAS via usb? That’s what I do, then it shows up through NFS.

Thanks for the suggestion richsp, unfortunately my Nas is very old and only has USB 2.0 and the maximum file transfer speed is about 30MB/s.

Previously the external drive was formatted as NTFS but I have since tried ExFat and it has been able to scan all of my Movies and TV Shows.