Library sync issues across devices

Hi all.

I am still running the Legacy build 9.2.3.
I have developed a strange issue where things are not updating across devices.

I have my main unit, odriod n2 that is used for the main room. works perfectly.

the 3 other boxes, kitchen, bedroom, spare room.

For some reason i am having this issue, and i suspect its how i have set up the other devices.


If i goto the movies tab all movies are shown with updated pics and database, the two other tabs that point to the my movies and kids dir will show the file list but no pics or data?
also the tv shows will not update, seems to be showing out of date info of things ive deleted and not things ive added.

I am pointing the menu to the upnp link to the folder on the main drive across the network from the main device, it used to work fine, is this wrong?

tvheadend works fine across all devices.

This is only happening on the other networked devices not the main.

Impossible feat for a 20 year old program then lol

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