LibreELEC brings the old S905, S905X/D, and S912 devices back to life

Hi all

I know there has been a lot of discussion about this. Maybe I’m one of the few who still has a device with an S912 chip (and I know that this one doesn’t have the best image by CoreELEC). I’ve always said to myself that if Kodi Leia with CoreELEC 9.2 and the addons no longer work (e.g. I can’t watch TV or Netflix anymore), I’ll change my box. But it still works very well. Now I’ve seen at LibrELEC that with the official LibreELEC-Vesion 11 (Kodi Nexus), the S912 Soc are now supported again.
So I would like to ask if there is hope again at CoreELEC?
Sorry to bring this all up again ;).

Not on plan, maybe someone can make and maintain it and do a PR to CE?
Or we also accept a CE fork as partner like we do already with EmuELEC, to keep such devices active!?

  • As you can see LibreELEC keep alive the “old” SoC:
    S805X, S805Y, S905X, S905D, S905L, S905M2, S905W, S905, S905H, S912

  • No “formal” support for:
    S905X2, S905Y2, A311D, S922X, S905D3, S905X3

  • Don’t think about support:
    S905X4, S905Y4, S905W2, A311D2

  • Do not waste time to think about support:

You see the diff and the amount of different SoC?

At this moment right now I recommend to invest €40 in a S905X4.
Then sell the S912. This SoC was never “native” supported, only by “hack”.

To be honest: buying every year a new phone with about €300 but not every 5 years a new media device?

Thanks for your answer and i understand that.
I testet the Libreelec Image yesterday and i’m not happy at all.
It runs a lot worse than the old Coreelec. I have listened to your feedback and bought the TOX3 Tv Box right now ;). The ratings from this Device with S905X4 are very good for this price-range and i hope Corelec runs smoothly.