Libtretro Buildbot Game Addons

Libtretro Buildbot Game Addons

I’ve put together a script that generates Kodi game addons from the binaries available from libretro directly (no compiling). I’ve been testing it on Windows/Android/Linux/OSX and it seems to work pretty well, so I’ve expanded it to LE/CE addons. The git repository for the addons is here.

For ARMHF, you can install and use the Kodi addon repository here.

In testing the addons, many work, and some still don’t (any addon requiring GL for example doesn’t work, so they’ve been marked broken). I’ve tested a few of these with a base CoreElec and they seemed to work well. The status of the ones I’ve tested are listed in the readme.

Happy Gaming!


thanks for this (yet another) contribution.
Few questions, just to be sure to understand how does ti work.
The downloaded binaries:

  • are launched by the retroplayer engine, isn’t it?
  • could be more updated than the standard retroplayer ones (although it seems to me that emulators in Coreelec Nigthly builds are updated often)?
  • are not “optimized” (compiled) for AML hardware targeted by Coreelec (while the retroplayer ones are compiled ad-hoc, isn’t it?)
  • are not (yet, at least) targeted by retrobiostool plugin?

Thanks for any clarification.

  • Yes, they’re launched in Kodi by Retroplayer
  • Yes, they could in theory be more in lockstep with the libretro buildbot (although I think that would require the repository get onto some automated build system, which i dont have)
  • They’re not compiled (or patched or optimized for AML) at all, so whatever is coming out of the libretro buildbot is what you get. I believe this is how lakka builds get their cores too, but I could be wrong on that.
  • Good point on the retrobios tool, i didn’t even think of that!

Thanks, for the explanations, and for the very good job.