Linksys ae1000 odroid N2 disconnects

Hi all, since the update to 9.2 I think (certainly the last major update), my ae1000 disconnects at random times. I had this problem when I first installed CE but somehow managed to overcome it. I can’t remember how though :(. I haven’t changed any router settings, it is set up to use DHCP with a manual assignment at the router. I have the faintest memory of possibly blacklisting a module, but I might be confusing that with mucking about with Arch on a laptop. Checking my history in SSH gave me no joy (it was virtually empty), so I feel it must have been something I did within the kodi UI. Any ideas ?

edit : brain fart Odroid N2 not N1

I have seen that the Linksys AE1000 USB WiFi adapter is a device that only works on the 2.4GHz bands. This is possibly your problem, the 2.4GHz frequency has a long range but it is usually subject to interference of all kinds and the lack of availability of free channels.

Use an adapter that works on the 5GHz bands.

Thanks cubi. It definitley works on the 5Ghz band too. I can connect, and it will be fine for between 20 minutes up to some hours. I had it working for months with no issues (after I did whatever I did to get it stable) back on the update before 9.2. But since that update it has gone back to intermittant connection again.

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