Lipsync off after pause?

I’m running the latest NE nightly on my Homatics Box R 4K Plus, but honestly I’ve seen the issue on my N2 boxes with much older CE as well.

Basically, if I pause and then resume a video, I will have about a 90% chance that there will be a small to quite large lipsync issue (usually audio quite a bit behind video) after resuming. The issue is solved by skipping the video (I tend to skip back/forwards and it picks up where it was but with proper sync).

This seems to happen with all audio formats and picture formats. While I used to see it on my N2 while bitstreaming audio, right now on my Homatics I’m internally decoding everything down to stereo PCM over HDMI (due to a temporary TV setup) and it’s still happening.

Doesn’t matter if it’s a full UHD 4K Dolby Vision file with True HD, or a 720p file with AAC or plain Dolby Digital 2.0… still seems to happen.

Any thoughts? Basically all new equipment and settings and it’s still happening, so I’m at a loss unless it’s something internal to Kodi.

I’ve been getting this intermittently on my N2 for over a 1year and no one can help with a solution as it’s intermittent and I cannot demostrate the issue repeatedly.

As you said, makes no difference what the souce is, even happens TVHeadEnd when watching TV. I usually just stop and restart to fix the issue.

I think this is a known issue that has no “simple” fix aka dont expect a fix soon…
What i do, is a skip/rewind back after un-pause ( press the left key on the remote ) , i see again the last few seconds (yes, yes, it is a bit annoying LOL) BUT it always fixes this problem,and also fixes another problem that many people have after pause: Video stuttering ( not smooth playback, especially visible in camera horizontal pan )
Everything fixes itself with a single click on the remote :blush:

If skip/rewind is the solution to your problem, you might want to take a look at this add-on which automates the process: Unpause Jumpback | Nexus | Addons

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Yeah, I often get the stuttery picture thing after resume, although it normally goes away after a couple seconds.

I’ll try out Jumpback. I never have any issues with skipping or other jump-searching, but pause and resume is a lipsync nightmare for someone like me who gets super annoyed with even a single frame mismatch.

I wonder if this has something to do with that little lurch I sometimes get when pausing, where you pause, the image freezes, then maybe a second later the frame jumps ahead a bit. Also had that on my N2.

Never had lipsync issues on my Chromeboxes, and I’m quite certain the lipsync issue did not occur when I first got my N2, but came later after a software update (alas I did not take immediate note).

I was trying that “Unpause Jumpback” addon. for some reason it does not seem to help with those problems. I mean it does jump back, it does what it is supposed to do, but when done via this addon the lipsync and stutter problems, most of the times will remain.
On the other hand, a manual click on the remote left key, ALWAYS fixes those video playback problems
Weird …

I’ve only been using it for a day, and I haven’t tried it with any movies yet… but as far as shows go, so far it seems to be working… other than it sometimes taking 5-7 seconds for audio to come back, which definitely doesn’t happen when skipping.

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