Lirc processing priority change?

I’ve noticed a difference in behavior from my IR remote when using the N2 vs C2.

When browsing movies in wall mode, the C2 will let you scroll down faster than the image tiles load. While on the N2 the IR remote will only scroll down as fast as the image load.

The N2 experience, as a result, is a far slow feeling.

** I have a 2.4 wireless remote that I primarily use but from time to time if I’m lazy I’ll use my harmony remote & that is where I noticed the behavior change.

Any time?

In the harmony database, there are profiles for the N2 & C2, perhaps you need to add the N2 as a different device

I have my harmony configured as an MCE remote and place my Lirc.conf in the config directory.

I cant see the harmony’s configuration making a difference on how the process priority of the IR is handled? no.

It might not help, but selecting Hardkernel Odroid-N2 instead of MCE might be better

But it’s up to you

Cant hurt, I’ll give it a go.


Switching out the Harmony profile made no difference.

For troubleshooting i dusted off an old MCE remote:

I’m getting the same effect, when scrolling through movie tiles the speed of the scroll is limited to the speed in which the pictures are populated.

I confirmed on my C2 and that’s not the same behavior