Live TV failure


I have a Mecool KIII Pro running with corelec 9.2.1. I use TVHeadend Server and client in the same machine and several other clients.
I’ve noticed a problem when playing live HD satellite channels in the Mecool. The image appears pixelated and glitching. However, these channels work properly in the other clients (Tablet, smartphone and RPi, all of then with kodi).
The tunner Works properly and the stream to other devices work properly too, but the reproduction in the Meccol not.
I’ve tried to change the stream profile but Kodi allways take HTPS from TVH.
The problem is not in all HD channels but almost. It is not a signal or antenna problema because all other device plays well.
The problem seems to be in the video reproduction of the Mecool. I’ve tried to change all the setings in the Sistem–> Corelelc config menú, but nothing changes.

Anybody has experienced some similar?
Any workaround to achieve the correct playing in local ?

Thanks in advance.

Did you try a nightly image?
Do you have set a static IP in CoreELEC connection settings? If yes, please check your netmask if it was at

If your netmask is correct and you didn’t used the nightly yet please make a transponder dump (TS-file) that we can test it. Just a short sequence is enough (~1min).

This topic is the same as

This is a very old problem for amcodec reported already in 2017 here, and still not solved. The video coding is AVC (High @ L4) (CABAC / 4 Ref Frames).

This is apparently solved in the -ng builds. There are two problems In the case of kiii. There is no funhouse build for S912 yet and there’s no support yet for internal tuners in some devices supported on old kernel.

Hi Portish,

My build is 9.2.1 stable. I’ve not used nightly.
I am doing some aditional tests and I’ve noticed that if I record the problematic channels, the record file doesn’t play properly in the mecool but plays properly in any other device.
So I don’t think the netmask has anything to do with the problem, it seems to be any decoder problem in this device and this build of coreelec…
The failure occurs both in live tv and with recorded channel in a .ts file.

Is there an easy way to upgrade from 9.2.1 to nightly_ng ?
I’ve tried placing the tar in the .storage/update folder but the installation is not carried out. It says that is update form 3.14 is not possible, deletes the file and reboot…

-ng is only for newer SoCs for now, you can’t update to it from 3.14.
You can use non-ng nightly.

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Well, finally not tested the nightly builds.
I ve installed an extra dvb-t tunner by usb and needed to activate the crayzat modules under CoreELEC Module Drivers addon and now… all the channels plays correctly !!!
I don’t know why, but the crcazycat apparently solves the HD channels video decoding problem in local.

What you say is very strange and meaningless. I use two satellite tuners, the first one is integrated in Mecool KIII Pro (Amlogic S912) and the second one is a ethernet SAT>IP tuner that does not require any tuner driver (neither crazycat nor kernel tuner drivers). With both tuners the playback fault with amcodec of HDTV channels of some transponders occurs.


Satellite TV provider has modified HDTV video streams and amcodec has stopped having problems

(My explanation for this is the existence of playing errors in some of the decoders supplied by the provider)

cubimol: Did you contact TV provider and they fix the issues?

No, i can’t do this

Are you on nightlies or 9.2.1?

All versions with kernel 3.14 (stable and nightly) have a bug in the amcodec hardware decoder that prevents some HDTV videos from playing well.