Live TV (not working anymore)


since 3 days I have massive troubles wiht the Live TV. I am using the teleboy PVR addon and since 3 days I can not switch channels. When I switch to a channel I can hear the voices but there is no picture, just black screen. After about 10 seconds the system freeze and I have to reboot.

At first I thought that the PVR addon must be the problem, so I tested another PVR addon and still the same problem. Therefore the problem can not be the addon, it must be something different.

Attached you will finde the log. (115.8 KB) (122.7 KB)

My guess would be that you will also get this if you switch from a recording or stream and live TV, my guess is this is a media switching issue rather than a PVR issue.
Try disabling hardware acceleration and see if the problem stops.

I am having similar issues on both my N2 and my VIM2


From log: Machine model: Khadas VIM3L
It possible you need to wait our experimental kernel to be ready, it should work in it

Any news on when to expect to see it implemented, even on a nightly?

I have found the issue. It was the bluetooth addon, that fucked up the whole System. Ater deinstalling it everything works perfect.