Live TV - only audio

Noticed this first on 8.90.3, still happening on 8.90.4 - on both my Mecool KI pro and My Mecool KII pro. When selecting a TV channel either directly or via the TV Guide, I press OK on my remote and I sometimes get only audio. I have to press the OK button twice more to eventually see a picture. Anybody else experiencing similar problems? I’m using DVB-S.

I’m using version 8.90.4 on a Tanix tx5 pro and have the same problem, sometimes the livetv starts with only audio and no image.

This is by design afaik due to buffering and caching

Not saying you’re wrong, but if you’re right it’s worse design than in 8.90.2 where the problem didn’t happen. What I was experiencing wasn’t a short spell of audio with no picture (while the picture buffered). For me, it went into audio only and stayed there until I pressed OK again a couple of times. I should add that I use the Black Glass Nova skin and, on selecting Live TV it was the audio background picture that displayed which was quite confusing.

There is not a great deal we can do about that, these changes get made by the Kodi team and not by us, @boot2k3 run’s bleeding edge copies of Kodi and has reported to me a number of times changes in the buffering logic with live TV streams over the last few months.

@TheCoolest also runs Jarvis on one of his boxes because that version of Kodi had the best results for streaming live TV.

You have to bare in mind that Kodi v18 is still at the Alpha 2 stage, it’s not going to be perfect and the final is still many months away, there is still another Alpha 3 expected before even betas are official.

Lastly you need to remember CoreELEC is a minimal Linux OS, Kodi is just an app that runs on it.

Could you try and confirm that on default skin you have the same issue?
Never seen this issue on default and Xperience1080 skins, but I use iptv simple client for my iptv

Adamg, I appreciate that some things are outside of your control. Actually for Alpha 2 software it’s pretty bug free.

Boot2k3, I’m not at the location where I have seen this problem, but I’m certain I have seen it once or twice using the default skin (which I have to keep reverting into to get at the coreelec setup). I flit between two locations one with satellite TV the other with an aerial.

Since adamg provided the legacy repository, I have been able to re-install 8.90.2 and my Mecool KI pro, connected to the satellite dish, seems to function well without this problem. Home here, I have a Mecool KII pro, connected to the TV aerial, but I rarely watch TV on it because I also have cable TV. I’ll set it up with 8.90.4 and see if I get the problem here.

CoreELEC setup app is accessible via program addons :wink:

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In my case there is a problem with SD channels taking a really long time (10-15 sec) for the image to appear, but it does.
Switching to HD channels is almost instant, though. So I don’t really understand what the issue is.
I think afl1 has pushed a few changes to fix Live TV, and in most cases what he’s done works tons better than in any of the previous versions of LE or CE, but this SD channel issue is the main reason I still use LE7 on one of my boxes, which is 99% used for live IPTV.

Removing the improvements afl1 has added would be counter productive to the majority of users, so I don’t believe we will do it.

Just been playing with 8.90.5 on a Mecool KII pro. Have installed Tvheadend with DVB-T and TV channel switching works well and responsively. My initial impressions of 8.90.5 are very good indeed. So a big thankyou and well done to the Coreelec team.

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