LLDV support on CoreElec?

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i recently read this article:

and wonder if that is a feature which CoreElec might implement since it enables a huge range of HDR10 customers to enjoy HDR10+/DV content (:

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Very good.

LLDV is the player-led mode supported by CoreELEC, just the TV-led mode needs to be disabled under Settings/System/CoreELEC.

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RGB is preferred over LL to have full colour band witdh.

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LLDV already supported, TV-LED Dolby Vision is faked. You can do this with a $20 device from amazon with a firmware that makes LLDV only supported.

“TV-LED Dolby Vision is faked”
Any chance to fix this?

SOC limitation, hopefully fixed with S928x.

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So its either (LL)DV or Full RGB color depth?

Is this a software thing?

Yes, i.e. you can choose which mode Dolby Vision mode should be in depending on the capabilities of your display or player. In the past, Sony TVs only received LLDV, so they couldn’t do TV-led mode.

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What do you mean by “faked”? What is going wrong in a technical sense? Got any source where we can read more about it?

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