Logitech Harmony long press help

I migrated from LE 8 to CE 9 on my Minix Neo U1. Everything looks fine, except long press OK button (to access extra menu) doesn’t work on my Logitech Harmony 650. I used “microsoft media center” profile in MyHarmony software. Long press works fine with Minix Air Mouse. Thanx for any help.

Have you tried to remap the “long press OK” to your desired function in the following addon?


How exactly would I do that ? There is no “long press” command in this addon.

Longpress only works for keyboards not real remotes. MCE is a real RC6 remote which the harmony is emulating so it is not going to work. You need to program the harmony as a keyboard, I don’t know if it is possible as I don’t have one. Your airmouse is not a real remote in that it only emulates a keyboard and sends keyboard commands so long press works.

It did work when I had LibreELEC and Harmony was programed as original Minix IR remote (not airmouse).

It’s possible that you were using amremote on LE, it’s possible that it works differently. CE has amremote support, so you can try it out.
In addition, Logitech Remote usually repeatedly pulse button presses (at least my 700 does), so a long press wouldn’t work with it anyway.

You mean to reprogram Logitech remote in MyHarmony app ? What should I use as Manufacturer and Product name ? I can’t find amremote in there.

Why don’t you try it as original Minix IR remote, as it was working earlier for you?

Well, solution was in front of my eyes all the time. “Menu” button on Harmony remote does the job :slight_smile:

i use a harmony remote myself, setup as a keyboard in harmony software, i just programmed the long press in the harmony software , then if you want to make further adjustments you can just use the keymap editor to assign the long press to a different function if needed.