Logitech harmony setup to use seperate power on and off buttons

I am trying to use a logitech harmony remote with my coreelec device. I connected it via Bluetooth. Everything works out of the box except the power on and off. I taught ir power toggle command from original remote to the power on and off buttons on harmony now. This seems to work. But is it possible to allocate 2 different commands for power on and off?

I checked the list of available functions for remote and don’t see a power off in it. But there is KEY_POWER and KEY_POWER2. Is there a way to assign a seperate power off button?

From what i know, all tv boxes have a single power toggle signal, not a separate power on and power off signal. So I think it’s impossible what you want.

I am researching into this. May be there is a way to assign a key to shutdown.

As per this wiki looks like there are shutdown and power down commands available. Not sure if they work with coreelec. I will give it a try.

That leaves power on. As we already have a power toggle.

Interesting, I see what you are trying. It might work to some extent:
You might be able to create a new Power off command, which will work when Kodi is running.
But the power on button will still actually be a power toggle. So if you press that button while the device is on, it will still shut down. I wonder if there is a way to ignore that power toggle command when Kodi is running - so that would make the power toggle become only power on.