Long range Bluetooth adapter

I keep trying to use Amazon Bluetooth remotes on my Odroid C4 with various Bluetooth adapters. The remote works fine usually, but seems to stutter due to signal issues. I’m about 5 feet away. Can anyone recommend a USB Bluetooth adapter that works with Coreelec, and has a decent range?

Xiaomi bluetooth remote works fine without any hickups within 3m distance.
Using hardkernel’s wifi module 5b on odroid n2+

I’ve not come across a Bluetooth adapter that would not yield at least 20 feet of clear connectivity, so 5 feet suggests that something else is at play such as some kind of signal interference, although if there are consistent problems with Amazon remotes then perhaps trying a different brand might be useful.

I use a 5.0 adapter based upon the rtl8761b chipset and it works very well, giving me a full 30 feet of range, through walls too.

I just got a rtl8761b based adapter, with the same crappy range, so it seems the common denominator is the Amazon remotes. What remotes are everyone using?

I use a FireTV remote with this really cheap bluetooth 4.0 adapter on a Odroid N2

It’s based on the CSR8510 chip and I’ve never had any problems. The range is perfectly fine, I regularly use it at much more than 5ft. It never fails to connect on start up. All in all the FireTV remote is one of the best remotes I’ve use with CoreELEC and the only one I’d ever recommend.

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