Longpress with Fire Remote CV98LM (bluetooth)

i used the above bluetooth remote for a long time with LibreElec generic (x64 PC) with my custom configuration. This included some longpress button actions (like “Fullscreen” in the keymap file). This is not working on CoreElec: these manually added lines like above are ignored/deleted by the system, keymap editor does not recognize the longpress actions.

Interestongly in CoreElec it generates different keys too (3-digit key instead 6). I am on a Tanix Tx7, amlogic905x, integrated Bluetooth adapter.

Any Idea how to get this work again? Maybe I should use my old BT dongle and deactivate the Tanix internal one? Thank you ppl!

2 yrs are gone, the issue is still the same, also on my Beelink GT King and CoreElec 19.4

  • no possibility to use long press keys
  • the remote disconnets itself very often, needing complete reset and repair procedure
    am I really alone with this?

I’ve been using various FireTV remotes with CoreELEC for years with no problem, right from the original CV98LM style remote to the newer ones. I currently use a Odroid N2 with a cheap generic bluetooth adapter and the 2020 FireTV Lite remote and have no problems with disconnects or longpress not working.

This is my keymap:-

            <key id="61620">info</key>
            <key id="61952">contextmenu</key>
            <key id="61952" mod="longpress">noop</key>
            <key id="61952" mod="longpress">togglewatched</key>
            <key id="61616">stop</key>
            <key id="61620">info</key>
            <key id="61620" mod="longpress">playerdebug</key>
            <key id="61952">playerprocessinfo</key>
            <key id="61952" mod="longpress">runscript(script.amlogic.framecapture)</key>

One thing of note is that I’ve never been able to successfully pair the remote to the N2 using the CoreELEC settings add-on, I’ve always had to ssh in and use bluetoothctl from the command line to pair it. Once paired though I’ve never had disconnect issues or problem with the remote needing to be paired again. The remote does go to sleep after a few minutes but always instantly wakes on the first keypress.

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Maybe try the keymap editor?

I made some progresss…

  1. I had to disable the internal BT adapter (Beelink GT King) and use a cheap BT USB dongle (it is a cambridge silicon radio according to lsusb output)
  2. use autostart.sh to keep disabling the internal BT and force connect the fire remote (xx.xx… is my BT adresse of the fire remote) on reboot
    sleep 5 # wait for the Bluetooth service to run at boot
    hciconfig hci0 down # disable the internal Bluetooth controller
    sleep 10
    echo -e "connect xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx\nexit" | bluetoothctl
) &

edit: longpress still does not work :frowning: