Looking for better GUI performance

I have an admittedly low spec Tanix TX3 running CE with the data stored onboard and with a wired network interface but also an Apple TV 4K running MrMC. Local media is 1080p and I have no complaints about playback but the GUI on the latter is much faster including when updating content metadata from my NAS.

What is the limiting factor for the poor GUI performance so that I can make an informed purchase for my next, more responsive, CE box? CPU? GPU? Memory? Storage? All of the above :wink:?


Cheap chinese box,s are slow,i noticed a big difference when i upgraded to a odroid n2,but if I was you i wouldnt buy a new box right now,there is quite a few new box,s getting ready to be launched in the next few weeks with better cpu,

What new CPU?

The S905X4 seems likely due at the end of the year and although newer, I would not expect GUI to be affected that much anyway.

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