Looking for someone to check device specs before placing order

Hi guys, recently decided I wanted a retro console and was looking at the super console x from ebay which led me to ETA Prime videos and subsequently I’ve now installed Emuelec on my old MXQ Pro 4K, brilliant software and finally put it to some good use!
My sole intention is retro gaming with this device.
Now I want to upgrade so I can run DC, N64, PSP, Saturn etc so after much research am thinking the Odroid N2+ is the most powerful unit available at that price range.
I just want someone to confirm that my research and understanding of this is correct.
Odroid N2+ 4gb ram, 12v 2a psu, with case
16gb emmc android 9.0 pie
Wifi module 5
Cooling fan < just because it’s so cheap I might as well
Sd to emmc reader/writer

I believe I use the sd to emmc device to flash emuelec to the 16gb emmc and then store my roms on usb or sd card, make the blank file in the roms directory etc so emuelec knows where they are.
I use disk genius on my laptop to transfer roms to the sd or USB as wifi is quite slow and job done.

Now what is the best way of actually getting the most performance from this device? From what I see on the Odroid N2+ specs, USB read/write speed is significantly higher than SD and emmc, so in this case would it not make more sense to just run everything from the usb stick? It seems preferable to me to have system and roms on separate storage incase of system corruption at some point but I’m primarily looking for the best performance I can achieve as i wont be making this sort of purchase again for a (hopefully) very long time.
Also open to suggestions on other devices, thank you.

You’re good to go with that order. I have a near identical setup. I use eMMC for CE and SD for Emuelec. I load my ROMS from NAS.

Ok thank you. Is there any noticiable benefit from using the emmc for emuelec over a SD card?

Emmc is very fast, can’t imagine that any USB sticks will be faster.


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I trust your judgement on that, thank you.

Well considering the N2+ is showing out of stock pretty much worldwide odroid uk delivered my order next day! Really happy with the performance although the wifi dongle keeps dropping connection every few minutes!

Managed to get all systems working except for controller mapping on game cube, not sure what I’m doing with that so need to work it out.

Thanks Emuelec, I’m going to enjoy this for years to come!

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