Looking To Buy A New Android TV Box For Kodi

Hi I currently have a beelink gt1 but I want to get something better
I used beelink gt1 that boots straight into coreelec from a micro sd and I stay similar to that (coreelec libreelec osmc etc…)
But I am not sure what to get… For me its about a balance between quality and price.

The requirements that I need to have

  • optical/spdif output so I can connect directly to and use my logitech z906 5.1 surround speakers. (as my screen does not have it)
  • at least 1 USB 3 Port (I have multiple portable hard drives from which I play my content)
    (and another usb 2 port for a controller)
  • Ability to duel boot coreelec libreelec etc… (something officially supported?) and android etc… or boot only into coreelec etc…
  • Something that is reasonably fast and responsive that can load the cover art etc… for my media quickly
  • Wifi Stable but speed does not matter as much

The following would be more like bonuses not requirements as long as it does not add a huge extra cost

  • 4K HDR etc… (I may consider a 1080p instead one but it would have to be a great one at a much cheaper price)
    (Most content I watch is in 720p or 1080p but I do watch some 4K)
  • 1000 LAN port (Not a 100% requirement but would be a bonus)
  • Reasonably future proof / that I would use it for a good while hence the above two

I have looked at various recommendations on various sites
A lot of boxes sometimes does not have the optical spdif out which automatically rules them out.
Was half considering the ugoos am6, rev a or b? Problem is a lot of sites dont mention what rev it is.
Was conflicted with the price because the prices for it approach closer to 150 euros
whereas I would be more looking in between 50 and up to 100 (if its really good)

I don’t want something that is cheap cheap but I also may not necessarily need a premium product.

Happy if anyone has suggestions that would be great

I just got the X96 Air, S905x3 (the latest amlogic chipset), 4GB + 32GB, 2.4ghz + 5.4ghz dual band wifi + gigabit ethernet. It’s $30 and seems really good, it has optical as well and I like the remote. 4k hdr shouldn’t be an issue as even the old s905x’s do that no problem.

It’s $30.49 now for the 4gb + 32gb or $34.49 for the 4GB + 64GB (the 2gb + 16gb is only $24.49 but I don’t think it’s worth it as you lose bluetooth, 5ghz wifi and gigabit ethernet).


No official coreelec support yet for the s905x3 but they’ve said it’s coming in the next few days.

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Thanks very much, I will definitely consider it! :smiley:

I can also recommend X96 air - 4k works flawlessly and tested it already few times. In new Coreelec this is supported but still some work needed on improvements.

Does anyone know if Meecool M8s pro L (S912) is any good?

S912 it’s not good choice for using CoreELEC because drivers.
Choose new SoCs like S905x3

With regards to utilizing with CoreElec, maybe i have had bad luck, but i cannot even get my s905x2 to work without a lot of flaws. It won’t play my 4k content. I have a bunch of T95 S905x and one T95 S905 and it plays my 4K on my 4K tv flawlessly. I can play all my audio in passthru mode and I have no issues that i am aware of.

What good is getting an X3 or X2 if you have loads of issues that may take years to work out. That’s my two cents.

I currently own an s905 box, it runs smoothly, but I’m having an issue. When I stream via WiFi a video and aft the same time have my Bluetooth headphones connected, the video sometimes stops.

Well, ill have to admit i don’t do wifi. I have EVERYTHING hard wired because i think WIFI fails to meet expectations all the time. There is wifi in the house, but none of my FIXED devices utilizes them. Wifi is just for phones and guests etc.

I work my s905 ! I can stream satellite high bandwidth 4K on my s905. I am very impressed with that unit.

Thank the Tech Gods, Our whole house is wired with RJ45…

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Funny thing is, I don’t have issues when I WiFi stream something, only when Bluetooth is connected at the same time. Could it be some kind of interference?

First of all I would like to thank everyone for the replies.

I decided to go with Cube X2 as it was on ebay in the country where I live and I was able to was a coupon to get a nice discount on it.

Thanks again everyone! :slight_smile:

Hi guys, which box would you advice me?
I would 4gb ram, spdif, cec working and stable box.

Are newer s922x chips better in picture quality than s905x2/x3?


Define what you mean by “better in picture quality”.

I read somewhere in the forum s922x chip give crisper and smooth image in video playback than s912 and old amlogic.

Question between s905x3 vs s922x for people having both.