Lost skin setting


I have installed last stable version 9.0.1 on odroid C2, skin estuary.

I use profiles for children, parents and master user. There is a problem with skin
customization. After reboot all changes, like menu items, colors, …, are lost.
When profile is loged off only, it works correctly.

Every profile has settings.xml in addon_data folder. I checked timestamps after
boot, it does not change, but profile starts with default settings and ignore
changes in settings.xml. Finaly when profile log off, it rewrite settings.xml.

So, i tried set chattr -i on settings.xml, after boot profile starts with default settings,
and after log off and log in again it use customized settings.xml. It seems after boot kodi
every time use default settings for new profile and replace custom settings when profile is log off.

Any idea how to fix it? Thanks

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It’s a kodi bug. I found this workaround: https://github.com/xbmc/xbmc/issues/14732#issuecomment-435525995

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