M8S II, rear usb port stopped working after 19-Matrix

In 9.2.7 usb was working, after upgrading to matrix_rc4 usb dead. Booted back to 9.2.7 and usb is fine again.

Here is dmesg: http://ix.io/3mvz

Maybe same thing like this usb issues?

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Possibly. I will upload my android dtb like you where told, perhaps that will help solve it.
Edit: I too came from ATVXperience, don’t know if that means anything, but I know I didn’t have a dtb partition before that.

Android dtb
dtb.img.gz (47.2 KB)

Problem solved, I used the autostart script you where given and it worked.

Edit: So the coreelec dtb is an overlay ontop of this android dtb? It’s a bit confusing, because I didn’t have a dtb partition before I installed atvxperience. i wonder how it worked before then, pre-matrix…

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Remember to double reboot after each update, after the first reboot the usb will still be dead.

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