Magicsee C400 (Amlogic S905D)

Magicsee C400 (Amlogic S905D)

Hi, I have problem with VFD. I use gxl_p231_c300.dtb.
WiFi and DVB work well.

Display still black. Only power LED lighting red/blue.

I test 3 different vfd.conf without any results.

Might be the same display controller as N5

Jan 5

I test N5, C300 and GTC (GTT2). Maybe bad dtb.img?

Unlikely. I’ll need to see the original Android DTB.

Ok, where can I find android dtb? I download it and upload.

I haven’t rooted android box.
After new install CE and test N5 CE break boot on show version.
With C400 Pro vfd works well.

Who know how switch off POWER LED (red - OFF/blue - ON)?

Booting with a stock firmware or CE? The former indicates it has something to do with the box.

dtb.img from android rom

Sorry, couldn’t find anything VFD related in the DTB. It could be hardcoded in the image.
Have you tried the C400 Plus vfd.conf?

Booting CE. But with gxl_p231_c300.dtb and C400 Plus vfd.conf works.

Is the Magicsee C400 S905D working? I would go for one if so.

Yes, it is supported:

Thanks! I will order one.

With Matrix (CE-19) gxl_p231_c300.dtb not work (black screen, VFD works when upgrade from 9.2.6, DVB work).
I use gxl_p230_2g.dtb but DVB not work with any drivers which I install.

What need change? Setting or something in dtb.img?

What’s new?
C400 S905D works with gxl_230_2g but not with gxl_231_c300.
With gxl_231_c300 works well when verison CE 9.2 but not CE 19.x
Boot, VFD works, bit HDMI outut is black display… Why?
Have You anybody setting what works?

They are dropping support to S905D devices, I even had to add remote after installing 19 and it was never needed before.
Let’s hope LE development for amlogic doesn’t take too long

That’s not true. S905D is still supported otherwise you couldn’t install matrix on it. There’s a problem with DVB developing in newer kernel but (and it’s tiresome repeating this over and over) as everyone knows we lost our main DVB developer. He disappeared from the face of the earth in September 2019.
As always everyone is free to use Libreelec or CoreELEC as they please, but don’t be ungrateful because Libreelec dropped amlogic 3 years ago and didn’t care who was left behind. So, we’re happy you’re here with us, if that’s not the case for you you’re free to leave.

Vasco, I’m grateful for your work and happy with CE, but you can’t deny that support to our boxes (mine is K1 Pro) is not at the same level anymore. It’s a fact that a clean installation in a sd-card doesn’t work out of the box (no remote? really?). And to make things worse ssh access is now denied by default so we need to find a way to bypass the forced initial wizard.
I’m sure you understand how frustrating this is and why I feel the support to our boxes is dropping.

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