Magicsee N5 Max only boots from USB (2.0)


I’m trying to make this box boot from SD card. Currently it boots only from USB 2.0 port. It does boot from USB 3.0 but only when already “booted” into coreelec while being powered on, i.e. I need to use 2.0 port in order to switch from Android.

Does booting CE require appropriate SD card? I’m using a rather old one (not even Class 10) but other than being slow it’s fully functional.

I’m burning with Rufus (I also tried dd).

Here’s info about Android build from its About screen:
#1 Fri Jun 14 18:09:48 CST 2019

I am currently using a 64GB PNY U3 card in mine it was the card I had lying round. Get a U3 version card they are only a couple of $ more and 3 times faster sustained write speed.

I upgraded to CoreELEC-Amlogic-ng.arm-9.2-devel-1570018126 to get the CEC/Remote to work you also need to copy the correct vfd file to make it work.

Thanks. I bought an U3 SD card and now I can boot CE from it!

But now I have problem with display resolution. My display is 1440p but only 1080p is available in System settings. I tested with two HDMI cables (the one that came with the box and the one that came with the display).

Thanks, I’ve added 2560x1440p75hz to disp_add file and now it’s working.

Was it display fault of not properly advertising supported modes? Because there is no 1440p in

edid-decode /sys/devices/virtual/amhdmitx/amhdmitx0/rawedid

output which seems strange.

It’s not a problem with the display. Normally only VESA resolutions are supported, your configuration is non-standard, since you’re using a PC monitor.
On a semi-related note, I’d recommend using 72Hz (it’s a multiple of 24) for movies and 75Hz or 60Hz for TV (depending on FPS)

I’ve found out that 75 Hz gave me GUI glitch similar to

after rebooting so I’ve settled with 60 Hz which works correctly.

Isn’t screen refresh rate adjusted during playback based on media framerate though? I thought I’ve seen relevant playback option in Settings.

Yes, but most PC displays don’t support 24Hz refresh rate.

If you have a fixed 60Hz its not too bad 24hz 30Hz play bay reasonably.

For the VESA modes only the 60hz modes are currently supported in kernel. To get a different refresh rate you need to create a custom modeline.