Magicsee N6 Plus S922X BOOT

Hello guys, which dtb.img should I use to boot Magicsee N6 Plus S922X? I’ve tried all of s922x but no luck. Thanks

You will need to provide some more information. We don’t have generic DTBs for S922X devices, but one of the ones we have should at least get you somewhere.
What exactly did you try to do to get it to boot?
What exactly happens when it fails?

Ok, will do more tests today and write exactly which dtb.img and what is happening. Thanks.

So I did some test and I can run CE with few dtb.img. No wifi and bt on all of them and some of them not recognize audio output device so there is no sound.

I have sound with this dtb: g12b_s922x_x88_king_rev_a.dtb

I was trying to do udevadm info /sys/bus/sdio/devices/* | paste
but I’m getting: Unknown device "/sys/bus/sdio/devices/*": No such device

Also I’ve dump dtb.img from android: dtb.img (256 KB) but CE not starting with that dtb.

Is there any way to fix wifi and bt problem?

Did you ever get your Magicsee N6 Plus working?

Yes, CE its working on this dtb: g12b_s922x_x88_king_rev_a.dtb but no wifi and no bt.

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Thanks. I tried the same dtb and got the same results.

Okay, looks like I’m returning my magicsee N6 S922x. I already have two Beelink’s and they work great, but they’re apparently no longer available.

Got any recommendations for a similar S922x device for CE?

Can you help us to make wifi and bt working on this please?

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