Mainline 5.10 supports n2?

any plans to move to mainline?

Sure there are, as soon as it offers more options and better performance from present kernel :wink:

If you want to downgrade your experience then a move to mainline is just about viable. However some of the decoders which are central to the Kodi experience a\re not supported and so you will be heavily dependent on CPU rendering which will make things run hot and glitchy.
As has been the case with mainline for two years now - heaven is just round the corner. If you want to see what mainline has to offer trying running one of the test build of LibreElec (they could do with the testers after they alienated their loyal AMLogic user base).


so you say with 5.10 this will be a “downgrade” ? why?
libreelec has no 5.10 test images as 5.10 is not even released in any way

I explained why it would be a downgrade, and there are other problems such a HD10 support and various audio issues - all thing that just work in CE.
Look in the LE forum subsection AMLogic under balbe150 test builds, if you can get them working they have mainline support, but be warned they use a none standard bootloader which will mess up running other OS’s in the future.

Edit: There will be no rush to bring Mainline to CE, it will be done when Mainline is good and ready - and users should be grateful for that.


Why ?
Is there any reason ?

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The only reason I might possibly see, is some btrfs features; raidc3/4 otherwise not much, sure it’s a workhorse alright but I can only echo “it’s just a waste tossing those cycles on rendering when there is fine decoders literately next door”.

And then there’s the “nvidia nom nom arm” thing, so… there a bunch of ‘??(!)’, but yes, it’s more than a lovely device and I hope it’s going to be in a somewhat up to date service along with my c2 for years to come.

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