Mainline kernel functionality versus 3.14

CoreELEC has been an outstanding system evolution for Amlogic users and I am extremely pleased with it’s performance on my 2 devices (H96 and A95X).

However I primarily use these for projector application, and have a few comments on the development direction with regard to the presence (or almost certain absence) of existing features in the future… I would like to add these to the list which already contains HDR etc.

  • Non-linear stretch (enabled in CoreELEC with wide zoom setting)
    Extremely good for watching 4:3 material on a big screen. This function is embedded in 3.14 kernel and as far as I can see will not be there with CoreELEC 4.9 or any upcoming 5.X LibreELEC release without special work using GL or GLES

  • Brightness and Contrast (available on CoreELEC player GUI)
    Crucial in setting a watchable environment on a projector especially to boost the sometimes so called “artistic cinematography” of movies which results in exceptionally low contrast/brightness. I can speak from experience since I was previously using RPI3 which did not have these settings and the Amlogic player was like a breath of fresh air.

  • Rotation
    Although rotation is not consistently supported across all file types, it is possible to rotate certain media using ppmgr settings (and ge2d), or even triggering it from metadata. GUI can also be rotated 180 using fb0 etc. I do not see any capabilities in mainline kernel or in the upcoming LibreELEC DRM implementation to allow for rotation. Some users of TV boxes that have adopted them for portrait signage applications would appreciate this too.

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