Mame on OdroidN2plus

Hi all,

I have Coreelec installed in my N2+.

I want to play some games using the official addons distributed with the latest version of coreelec 19.2-Matrix_rc2.

I install the official Mame2015 addon released with coreelec, and I add the folder where I have the roms. When I select one rom to play the screen freezes and kodi silently restarts after around 30 seconds. If I try other emulators like snes it works well.

Any idea of what is happening and how to solve it?


Do you want definitely play on Kodi, without changing SD card or so?! If not try EmuELEC, that’s a Swiss knife for retro gaming up to Dreamcast on N2+. I have tried before on kodi todo gaming but run into a lot of problems so I decided todo a second sd-card with EmuELEC and first roms on a extern SSD then on my NAS by adding smb shares into config on EmuELEC. If you have experience in petitboot you can do CoreELEC on emmc and EmuELEC on sd card and choose on boot what you want to do. And besides with all the Covers, Art and preview videos in the menus EmuELEC looks so great.

Greetz, J.

Yeah, I wanted to try having kodi in and emulation all together. More for the sake of seeing if it is possible than because it is a better solution.

I agree with you that emuelec in a different card/partition it is a much better solution. Snes run well in Kodi, but not perfectly. I felt some tiny frame drops in Super Maruo World (perhaps I am too picky lol).


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