Matrix memory usage

I have noticed in Matrix, memory usage will grow over time. While I never noticed Kodi using anything more than 800MB in a ‘normal’ household 24/7 scenario on some Chinese makes in the past, just checking now Kodi is using 1587MB running for 10 days.

It’s not really an issue since the odroids carry 4GB and i am not bothered by it filling up, but i was just curious what others experience. I have read a rather detailed discussion on GitHub somewhere about this but I can’t seem to find it anymore.

4k movies, streaming or… never got more than 700 MB on Odroid C4 - do you have some special settings for buffering?

No, nothing special. Almost everything vanilla.
I use a couple of pvr backends and some streaming services. All up to1080p.

Weird, I could say… Killing the pvr lowers the RAM load? Or the streaming services? Smells like a hogging memory case. From an app, service etc.

Well, actually…i have started using a couple of (paid) streaming services that I had not been using before quite heavily ;). Was just thinking of slimming some down to more resemble the old setup to start with…

I forgot to ask: do you keep Kodi running 24/7 ?

No, when I have time. But I did some binging on Hbo Go for a few hours and nothing heavy memory involved. Actually, if you use 1.5 GB of memory from 4GB (Odroid C4) that’s fine. Also its fine if you use same memory from a Chinese box. If your system handles this without hiccups, don’t bother. Sit down, watch and relax! :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah, no worries there, just something I noticed. It slowly grows if I leave it on always. See if it can run for a month still…:wink:

Look… What’s the idea of having tens of thousand of RAM on a device and we are using just …10% only?
Why are we wasting money on hw if we don’t using it at full capacity / full force? Only to avoid FOMO?

No idea. I know it’s not an issue. In fact, I’d say go at it as long as it’s there. Just wondering what changed, because it could be running for months on end and still be at 700MB. So I just removed all but discovery plus on one C4 and left it running…

Oh, and i definitely don’t think my money is wasted on these :wink:

Just looked up what fomo is. Definitely not me :slight_smile:

So, let them have all the RAM in the house ! :rofl:

Yes, always do :wink:

Try to get some logs, maybe some devs will look on and enlighten us about the source of evil. Get some logs with all the services enabled and other logs with less services on background, to compare.

Yes. I am just curious is all. So I might do so later. Right now i am suffering a bit from FONBLA after this week :joy:

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Which means I am sitting here feet up watching tv, btw

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How much is Kodi using right after a reboot?

It just slowly builds over (longer periods of) time.
Never did that before.

Found the git discussion:

Just an interesting read

Did you follow the steps to reproduce using the test addon?

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