MCE Remote Replacement

Hello guys,

We are looking at replacing our MCE remote controls as they are getting pretty old and worn out.

Is there a decent replacement remote control that anyone can recommend that is compatible with CoreELEC? Perhaps one that uses Bluetooth rather than IR.


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Also wondering this…

I use the Rii i25.

I’ve used so many different remote controls it’s crazy…

It really depends what you need. The Logitech Harmony 350 is quite a nice balance and can replicate a Windows MCE remote (and you can map the keys a bit more should you wish). I had to create a config file for it - but the instructions here are very straightforward to follow if you are comfortable SSHing into your CoreElec install.

Other remotes I’ve used with various Kodi installs :

PS3 Blu-ray remote (V1 and V2) - which is a nice remote if you need channel numbers but doesn’t have a dedicated record button for PVR duties (and I really wanted that) It uses Bluetooth - and you need to enable standby to avoid it eating batteries.

Tivo Slider Pro (RF and uses a USB dongle). This is a very neat ‘peanut’ shaped remote - which slides open to reveal a QWERTY keyboard. It takes quite a lot of customisation to get all the buttons to work properly - and I’ve not tried it with CoreElec. It doesn’t have a STOP button but you can remap the Slow Motion button relatively easily. It also has channel number buttons.

(There are also IR Tivo remotes without the slide out keyboard - they may be quite nice - but I haven’t tried one)

Minix A2 Lite (RF and uses a USB dongle). This is a double sided remote (Cursors and basic play / pause on one side, QWERTY on the other). It doesn’t have much in the way of PVR stuff - but if you don’t use PVR it may be OK for you.

Vero remote (RF and uses a USB dongle). Simple cursors plus a few other transport controls - but very straightforward to use.

Amazon Fire TV remotes (Bluetooth). Some of these work quite nicely - but do a bit of checking first - as not all models seem to work the same.