Mecool BB2 5Ghz failure

Hello, I am writing for the following problem, lately I have connection problems on 5Ghz on a Mecool BB2 device. The device disconnects from 5Ghz although the access and configuration data are correct I get “failures”. If I use 2.4Ghz by connecting to the same network I have no problems. I have thought of two problems. 1) hardware problem 2) software problem. Before thinking about the hardware I should check that it was not a driver problem. Currently this BB2 connects to a Fritz repeater 2400 ( All other devices connected to this repeater have no problems on both 2.4 and 5Ghz. The only device that has 5Ghz problems is the BB2. So I ask: Is there a way to have a detailed log on the 5Ghz connection error? Thank you.

I found out why:

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