Mecool BB2 and DTB file not in device_trees folder


I have a problem with my Mecool BB2. It worked without problems with 9.2.7 but with 9.2.8 it stopped working. Now being an end of life version I took the opportunity to use the new version of coreelec. In the list on CoreELEC - Device Trees according to the list I could use gxm_q201_2g or more likely gxm_q201_3g_1gbit because even if it’s a BB2 it doesn’t have 3gb and 1GBit. Now the problem is that I can’t find these files in the “device_trees” folder - How do I fix it? Thanks.

9.2.8, project Amlogic is needed and working.

Ok, so no support for S912 and Kernel on 19? Not for now i mean.

No and never.
S912 is EOL.
If You want >= 19 You must buy a new Box

Questionable choice since it has no power problems. The only problem encountered is that it gets very hot. Moreover, with SysOp as CE, only 1Gb of Ram would be enough to see 4k. It is a way to spend money unnecessarily.

The cpu/gpu of the S912 that is stuck on an antiquated kernel is the insurmountable problem. To paraphrase the forums, the patches/hacks and workarounds that limped it along this far don’t carry over to the new kernel. It’s still perfectly powerful but Amlogic dropped the ball on this one. The party is over for the S912.

You need to grab the Amlogic 9.2.8 build, not the Amlogic-ng which doesn’t support the S912 SoC.

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