Mecool k3 pro simultaneous watching

Hey, im new to the forum and i need some help.
So i was planning on making my k3 pro as a backend receiver as in installing tvheadend server and setting it up properly, and was wondering if multiple clients can access (watch) simultaneously from the same server ? I hope i was clear enough

Welcome to the forum @ Ayoub95

Yes there is no reason why this scenario should not work.

Network bandwidth and quality of connectivity from the multiple clients can have some effect but in general terms it can work well.

If using TV tuners for OTA transmission then the rules about how many different channels can be watched at once will still apply.

Thank you for your reply @Compent
I don’t think i understood the last part very well so im going to give more details
So i have 1m20 dish with 4 lnb heads and wired to a disecq from which comes the coaxial cable (which i plan to wire to the k3 pro if i get your approval of course ) and then setup the box as a backend receiver as i explained in the 1st post, and have two clients on the receiving end (two TCLs with android tv) i need to figure out if i can have live tv on them both simultaneously or not?

I have no experience with satellite, only DVB-T but I would have thought that the same principles apply.

If your setup generally allows for more than one channel stream (watch one whilst recording another etc) then yes you should be able to do what you want bearing in mind the limitations associated with your specific setup for reception.

To my knowledge the K3 III Pro has one DVB-T2 and one DVB-S2, which would potentially mean that if you use both then you can have a 2 channel setup ifboth can be supported at the same time, which from memory you can’t in Android at least.

Hopefully there may be other KIII Pro users tha can advise further based upon their practical use with CE on this box.

But in the mean time you can investigate by some trial and error ro see what is possible.

Either way, the basic setup of TVH should be relatively straightforward if the tuners are supported.

You cannot watch multiple DVB-S2 channels if they’re being broadcasted on different transponders. You either need a multiple tuners in your STB box or Unicable converter and an STB that supports it. KIII Pro doesn’t support any of them. The only thing you could do is watch the same channel in both places.

Essentially you need a tuner per client most of the time.
Each DBVB-S/2 tuner can provide all the channels on the mux it is tuned to (up to 10 I have seen).
So one tuner is required per mux/transponder frequency in use.

Using the Telestar linked above, and a TVH server running on CE, I have had many client devices simultaneously receiving channels, using Kodi and its TVH client app.
It provides a very rich user interface and 7 day EPG without much effort when setting it up.