Mecool kI pro ethernet not working

Hello, everybody.
I have coreelec 9.0.1 in a Mecool KI pro.
Suddenly the network card has stopped working. The active from coreelec–>network and in connections nothing appear.
I don’t know where it is or if there is a configuration file.
The wifi card works perfectly, any help?

Thank you.

I presume it was working and suddenly stopped ??

If this is the case ?

Check ethernet is activated in CE Settings.

Check Ethernet Cable is not faulty.

Unplug Ethernet cable and plug it back in whilst box is on.

Hy @kostaman, thank you for your answer:

Yes, it was working for 3 weeks with no problem
Ethernet is activated en Coreelec settings, but in connections not appear. I was turn on with ethernet enabled and disabled… many options… but same results.
Cable is tested and work perfectly
turn on with cable pluged, unplugged… many times, many options…


It looks like hardware problem.
You can try to boot in Android(if you have it)
Or install fresh CE image on different SD card. If still the problem, than it’s cable or hardware part of box

Hy @boot2k3.

Coreelec is on Nand.
I try with clean install on SD card and ethernet works perfectly…

Good to hear it’s not hardware failure.
Unfortunately we can not support installtointernal.
If you elect to installtointernal with your working SD Card and have the same problem then not much we can do.
Whilst booting to internal
You can try SSH to your box with wifi activated
cat /proc/device-tree/le-dt-id
See what device tree is installed during failed ethernet.

CoreELEC:~ # cat /proc/device-tree/le-dt-id
CoreELEC:~ #

@luismipr That’s obviously the right dtb.img
I’ve no idea what’s happened here.:cry: