Mecool KI Pro

I’m thinking about getting this box and I’d like to know if it’s fully supported by CoreELEC (both DVB adapters, Gigabit LAN, wifi and bluetooth) and if those who have it recommend the purchase.

Thanks in advance.

I do. Got 2 of them. Only use DVB-T adapter though.

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I have a KI Pro and KII Pro (cheaper). Both are fully supported, both work well with DVB-S and DVB-T (but I believe you can’t have both working at the same time whatever operating system you use).

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The best in dvb-s and dvb-c
Perfect with coreelec

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But you can use both, right? I mean if you can watch a DVB-S channel and switch to a DVB-T one without problems.


It is also the best device for the DVB-S system.

There is no support for 2 tuners (DVB-S <> DVB-S) at the same time, but the s905 chip.

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The tuner can switch between DVB-s and DVB-t on the fly. Not the best tuner chip out there - but if you have strong signals it works great.

The KI Pro has S905D and Gigabit lan, where as the KII Pro only appears to have 10/100M and a S905. That makes the KI Pro better by far.


Thanks. I wanted to have a box without external tuners and, since I rarely use DVB-S and DVB-T at the same time, I’ll get one and sell my Mecool M8S Pro+ with two tuners and a gigabit adapter.

Do I understand correctly?
If either of these devices is set up with tvheadend to share the tuners as Sat>IP that both tuners cannot be used concurrently (by different clients)?
(I had been considering such a use)

kszaq explains it here:

Tuners in KI Pro are visible as separate but it is a single hardware tuner and single demod - you can’t watch DVB-S channel and record DVB-T at the same time.


the KI Pro is probably the best device you can buy and is fully supported in CE thanks to @afl1


:frowning: Oh well so much for that idea.
I was unsure as I have read so much conflicting information on line about tuners and their capabilities.

It is true that the tuners of the K1PRO can only receive one frequency (either DVBS or DVBT) at a time
But those carry several programs.
At least 5 in HD for french DVBT more on SAT.(lots of radios)
So it is perfectly possible to watch or record different programs.
In addition as far as DVBT is concerned external USB dongles are supported (RTL2832 In my case).
So IMHO it is a very good choice for CoreElec.