MECOOL KM1 Can't play video

MECOOL KM1 4g 32g 100m


I can access CoreELEC

but i can’t play any video

Here is the log generated by CE


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Looks like your device hardware decoder is locked:
timeout_process decoder timeout

We have no support for S905X3 hardware locked video decoder by TEE with 4.9 kernel.

Maybe you try another firmware and try your luck.

so i know

Thank you very much

Thank you for providing logs.

Now I can play videos normally with K5 ATV firmware

Can also write to EMMC


but bluetooth will be problematic

Power off and restart, bluetooth is normal

If only reboot, bluetooth will not find the driver

But ce 20 Nightly Only the first time to find bluetooth

ce 20 bate1 log

ce 20 Nightly log

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