Mecool KM3 Coreelec 20.2 EMMC

Hey. Hey. Has anyone managed to run Coreelec 20.2 from internal storage on Mecool KM3 box?
Amlogic S905X2, 4GB Ram 64gb ROM, 100Mb Lan

Coreelec 9.2.8 works without problems from internal storage, but Coreelec 20.2 only works from sd card. After uploading any version of Coreelec to EMMC, Coreelec 20.2 does not boot even from usb disk/sdcard and the box keeps rebooting and needs to restore Android 9. Interestingly, Coreelec 9.2.8 always works from sdcard/usb disk and internal storage as well, but Coreelec 20.2 does not it only works from sdcard or usb disk if only android is in EMMC. Thanks for the tips.
If Android 10 is installed in the Mecool KM3 box, Coreelec 20.2 works from the internal EMMC, but again the hardware video acceleration under Coreelec stops working, which Android10 seems to block.

Resolved by changing the firmware in KM3 to this for KM9. Now everything works. Coreelec boots from EMMC and as a bonus the system Led works properly.

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