Mecool KT1 S905X4 does not boot

Hi, I have a Mecool KT1 S905X4 2GB ram with Android TV 10, I downloaded the new CoreElec 20.0-Nexus-ne, I tried all the boot methods from SD card and usb drive (toothpick, Terminal, Recovery, ecc…) but none of them works. Do you have any advice?
Is not my first tv box, I also have another box that works perfectly with CoreELEC 20 (A95X Max).

I think it’s just locked and not possible to boot third party system, sell it and buy another hardware supporting CoreELEC.

Booting is possible.
Open the TV box, connect the UART. The speed is 921600.
Connect the power supply.
In the terminal, press the space key to stop the boot.
Execute Commands:

setenv rootopt=BOOT_IMAGE=kernel.img boot=LABEL=COREELEC disk=LABEL=STORAGE
setenv addbootargs=setenv bootargs "${bootargs} ${rootopt}"
setenv bootfromusb=usb start; if fatload usb 0 ${loadaddr_kernel} kernel.img; then if fatload usb 0 ${dtb_mem_addr} dtb.img; then bootm ${loadaddr_kernel}; fi; fi; if fatload usb 0 ${loadaddr_kernel} rooted.img; then bootm ${loadaddr_kernel}; fi
setenv bootcmd=run addbootargs; run bootfromusb; run storeboot

Started with “sc2_s905x4_2g.dtb”.
Not work bluetooth.
Not work dvb tuner.
Work wifi.

Not started with original dtb from firmware.

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