Mecool M8S plus - dvbs2 tuner driver support

Is this box a real mecool? it has a dvbs2 tuner. I would like to know if it is all supported by coreelec, it has built s905x2 if the seller announce is real. I have some doubts about trusty of this seller, seeing the sold units of each product…


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No links to these Chinese sellers please.
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You can ask members and members can respond.
Up to you where you buy from.

The internal tuner will almost certainly NOT WORK.

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Anyone can confirm if the internal tuner DVB-S2 of this box works in CoreELEC?

With a S905X2 CPU and DVB-S2 tuner for around 50 euros it seems to be a good choice for a sat receiver.

If it doesn’t, what are the alternatives? I want a sat receiver to stream locally to two android tvboxs in my home. I was using a E2 receiver but it died…


The internal tuner in this device will not currently work with CoreELEC.

There are several newer devices, that have internal DVB tuners that I’m looking into trying to support.
To make sure it’s clear the fact that I’m trying to add support does not mean that it will ever happen, just that I’m trying to do so.

Despite the fact that I was able to finally figure out enough DVB stuff to manage to get the older devices internal tuners working on the new kernel. DVB is really not my thing It is rather poorly documented, and it seems like there was only one person(who has been mia for the last year) with a full understanding of it.

There is also almost zero useful information about these devices available, and they all come from companies that the CoreELEC team does not have existing contacts with. I also don’t have the devices, and it wouldn’t be of much use if I did have them since I’m in North America, so no DVB signals to test with, everything is ATSC here.

So in some ways a successful attempt is on par with winning the lottery.

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Thanks for the fast reply. It’s really a shame that the Chinese makers and sellers of these boxes don’t give support to developers. Their strategy relies on sending boxes to YouTubers…

I’ll probably get another combo receiver (DVB-T/C/S) with Enigma2 firmware to do the streaming. Anyway, I ordered 3 XBOX One TV tuners for less than 11 euros each to play with CoreELEC.

Thanks for your work!