Mecool M8S Plus W 1G/8G: missing remote and wifi

I spotted a nice MiBox clone (M8S Plus W) and I jumped on it, tried the DTB file gxl_p281_1g but wifi and remote are not recognised :frowning: any advice for finding a proper DTB file…?

Hmm, it is an S905W SoC with a new dual band WiFi. Old boxes with S905W had only 2.4G WiFi, so a new driver is needed. You should first find out what wifi chip is used, and then if a Linux driver is available for it…

Remote is not recognised out of the box, you have to set it up, there is many threads on that on this forum.

As for the wifi, if it is not recognised out of the box then it is using an unsupported wifi chip and you will have to use a dongle if you need wifi.

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And I’d recommend a dongle over the built-in wi-fi in these boxes. You can get quality ones really cheap. Just search for the thread in the forum. In my magicsee N5 with dual wifi I use a dongle. Much better speed.

I’d go for the dongle, but I need both USBs (CE boot+video storage).
I’ll try and change the wifi chip, just for fun…

The other option is to use an usb hub. Easier but maybe isn’t fun.

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