Mecool m8s pro+ (905x) Atmos problem

Hello guys, thanks for all this amazing community!
i am an owner of a mecool m8s pro+ the problem is that i can’t get any atmos or dts:x out of it, is this a common problem with this board? the audio passthrough of dts-hd and true-hd on coreelec are enabled, on the receiver, (marantz sr6011) the atmos speakers are enabled too so i guess is a hardware limitation?

another question: since at the time i maiinly watch 4k HDR content do you think its time to change for a N2 board? or the 905x do the job?
what are the current limitations of the n2? the video processing is good? can we get atmos and dts:x?
thanks for the support guys.

Atmos works fine on S905X, it must be something with your configuration or equipment.
The S905X is also fine for 4K HDR content, but the N2 is just a much much faster and responsive device.
Currently the only limitation that comes to mind is that there is no LPCM support right now.

The Coolest the DTX:X is working, i’m having issues with atmos., going to dig up a litle more today
anyway what about video processing? how’s N2 doing ? no banding ? correct color space? etc
you can’t get LPCM but you can get dts-ma true-hd etc via passthrough right?
anyway where can i find the N2 on europe? or they ship it directly from hardkernel?
best regards!

I’ve four Mecool M8S Pro+ devices and have no issues with any codecs from UHD Blu-Rays. So, there seems to be something wrong with your setup. Follow Kodi’s audio quickstart guide and you should get everything to work. Make sure your AVR is set to “direct” to play the audio so close as possible to the source.

There are no visible differences between S905X (M8S Pro+) and S922X (N2) regarding quality during playback of 4K HDR10 (UHD) Blu-Rays. Read up on other differences in the forums if you are thinking about buying a N2 regarding other benefits than playback quality etc.

N2 can be bough from Hardkernel’s website ( and shipped to countries all over the world. It works with digital audio signals as DD+, Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD MA etc. via passthrough.