Mecool M8S Pro W - Install to Internal

I have problem with install to internal command (using “installtointernal”). For my box i choosed dtb “gxl_p281_2g”, but the console shows me:

CoreELEC (official): (S905.arm)
CoreELEC:~ # installtointernal
One of BOOT, SYTEM, DATA or DTB partitions is missing.
Make sure that you are using a correct device tree and a device with internal memory!

My box has 2gb RAM and 16GB Rom.

On libreelec I found this post, but Iam not sure what does it mean (is it missing in device tree?):

  • S905X: You can leave a tree that is already present on SD card (fresh install only) or choose one according to your RAM amount.
    If internal memory of your box is not visible when trying to install to internal memory (i.e. /dev/system does not exist):
  • try a device tree with _nand suffix
  • if that doesn’t help, try a device tree with _slowemmc suffix

Thank you for help,

Edit: I found this topic (Mecool M8S Plus W - installtointernal not working), so I think it is not possible?

I am interested in this, because I am thinking about installingtointernal on my H96 Pro.

I was under the impression, if you are running ok from a usb stick, you just ran the command (sometimes twice) & it worked.

M8S Plus W uses a Micron A revision 3D L04A NAND 8GiB MT29F64G08CBCGBSX.
The CE kernel driver not supports this type of NAND.

Istallation to internal has no official support , as has been said many times.