Mecool M8S Pro W - Kodi no longer scraps and repositories unavailable

Hi All

On my second Mecool which runs its own video library locally, it has stopped scanning new videos into the library.

When you run scan for all new items if completes but nothing new added.

When you navigate in the video source to the actual video file and scan it from there it says “No information”.

Also when going to install adds from repositories it will say repositories not available.

I think this is a network/internet issue, how the video files are all on the network and ones already in the library can play perfectly. And the coreelec connections menu says internet access so I’m stumped.

Any ideas?

No, not without logs. Sorry.

Here is the log:

Any ideas on what’s going on?

It seems that your database is corrupted.

But the library works? How to you fix.

You could try renaming your addon27.db and rebooting.
Your add-ons will be disabled after this so just enable them again after the reboot.

If it doesn’t fix it, rename your previous db and reboot.