Media Portal PVR Client stuck at downlaod

Media Portal PVR Client stuck at downlaod from Core Elec Repository, it hangs at 2% and Box reboots into Fail Save Mode

I cant beleve that nobody is answering… Its a big problem. One of the most important CE PVR Addons dosnt work anymore on new boxes!

If that’s so, why didn’t you post the crash logs as the big red text told you to do?, because devs don’t have a magic ball…

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there are no crash logs. You can simply reproduce that

Unfortunately us developers also have lives and families and we work on CoreELEC in our free time.

I moved last week so I haven’t been able to look at anything in that time and the next couple of weeks will be spent renovating and decorating. I have asked other developers to look at this issue.

Same here. After installing Mediaportal PVR Addon box boots into Safe Mode.

There is an update of this addon. It is 3.5.11. Can I download this addon somewhere or how can I install this updated addon on my CoreELEC TV Box?

No answers! No one knows how to do? Some people here have problems with the Mediaportal PVR Client addon! So it would be great to know if this issue will be solved soon.

Could you try the latest nightly (20181108)?
After booting the first time you probably need to manually update your addons to switch from the stable addon repo to the new nightly one.
pvr.mediaportal.tvserver- is included here.

I downloaded the nightly and put it in “/.update” and after restart made this update. Then in addons menu I searched for addon updates. But the only addon update found is “Amazon VOD”. Mediaportal PVR Client is still shown as No update here available. When I try to install I get an error message “…wrong…”
Did I made something wrong?

I just tested it on my setup and the newest version of Mediaportal was showing up.
Could you please go to “Addons > Install” press left and select “search for updates” from the left menu?
You should find the mentioned version in the CoreELEC repository then.

Hi relkai,
on my “daily use” TV box I installed the nightly and I went to “Addons > Install” and then to “search for updates” but I didn’t found the update for Mediaportal PVR addon. I have another TV box and made a fresh install with the nightly. And on this box there was an update for Mediaportal PVR addon available. Out of the packages folder I copied the Mediaportal…ZIP file and copied this ZIP file on my “daily use” TV box. Now I could make an update of the Mediaportal PVR addon on my “daily use” TV box.

That’s strange.
But glad you solved it by manually copying it over.