Mediathekview Addon

To access the mediathek of the the german public TV channels I use since a while the Mediathekview Addon on my CoreElec/(Wetek Play 2, SD card), but it makes more and more problems.

  1. At first the automatic database update was on. It started to made continuous updates strongly influencing the other running tasks, e.g. TVHeadend stuttered.

  2. Now I switched to manual database update. Manual update seems to work, but afterwards search for a film does not return.

  3. There is an update for this addon 0.6.3, which does not work in CoreElec, because it depends on Python3

Is somebody using this addon succesfully? Any hints to make it more reliable?

You should ask the author of this plugin for a fix to the mentioned problems.
The newer Python3 version probably depends on Kodi 19.

I use also Mediathekview on my N2 and C4 , but version 0.6.2 from the Kodi-repository.
There is no version 0.6.3 in the Kodi-repo.
My CE is nightly 20200523 and Mediathekview works without problems. I can search for videos and get meaningful results.
I saw on my boxes is python3/python3.7.3 installed in /usr/bin/python3

You can find the version 0.6.3 in the beta repository of the developer ( and it is targetted for Kodi 18. And yes, you (@pepeq) are right, python3 is already installed under 9.2.2, i have not read exactly enough: requires xbmc.python version 3.0.0 which is not available


2020-05-25 20:11:41.484 T:4090179600 DEBUG: CAddonInstaller: installing ‘’ version ‘0.6.3’ from repository ‘repository.mediathekviewbeta’
2020-05-25 20:11:41.492 T:3482993536 DEBUG: CAddonInstallJob[]: requires xbmc.python version 3.0.0 which is not available
2020-05-25 20:11:41.492 T:3482993536 ERROR: CAddonInstallJob[]: Die Abhängigkeit auf xbmc.python in Version 3.0.0 konnte nicht aufgelöst werden.

Sorry, my last post contained wrong information. Correct is:
You can find the version 0.6.3 in the beta and alpha repository of the developer ( The one in the beta repository is targetted for Kodi 19 and the one in the alpha repository is targetted for Kodi 18.
I can install the version from the alpha repository without problems. First database update also worked. I will check if it helps with my problems.

No more problem observed in the last days. 0.6.3 seems to run stable on my device.