MEH! Ive broken it again!

Right just spent 6 hours getting my shares to work in win 11 on CE,
and somehow broken my TVH server, it just says starting and sticks at 0%, i am sure i had this once before but cant remember a thing about it, other than it was like having your teeth pulled to install and configure.

where do i start. :confounded:

Can you roll back to a backup ?

Just found one so going to try now, although its 4gb not sure why

It probably has all the thumbnails backed up, you can disable that in settings in future.

I would backup your broken system just in case the restored backup is still broken and then you can go back to where you are now.

yes have one from a few days back and one from today, restoring now see what happens

Right backup has worked. phew!, 3gb of the data is debug txt files, need to find how to turn this off.

A simple cron job could delete this files.
If You change any config, maybe some other things will stop working :upside_down_face:

only thing i could see in tvh was a tick next to syslog in debugging, turned that off and see what happenes.

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