Micro SD maximum size

I’m running coreelec on a Beelink GT1 standard box and runs very smoothly! I’d like to know the maximum size of micro sd cards that work with the box. In specs I’ve read that it was 32 gb but I don’t know if that’s an android os limitation or even if it’s right in Android. I’m using an old 2gb card and I want to upgrade.
Thanks to all for your hard work. You’ve done a magnificent job!

I don’t know the maximum size you can use, but the 16gb/32gb are much cheaper then anything bigger, and are more then enough space to run CoreELEC from.

I can’t tell you if it’s the biggest supported but I use a 64GB Sandisk in mine with no issues.

Yes, I think I’ll stick to a 16/32 GB card. Sincerely I only feel the need to change the card because I can’t download the chrome OS image to get Netflix working in Kodi. Thanks to all