Microhttpd & SSL

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Any chance you’d consider building Coreelec with libmicrohttpd with SSL support (for info: Javascript and Kodi - Summary (at Nexus) - can things be improved??)

This would mean one could add a certificate, which would potentially help with Javascript <> Kodi, and in general SSL isn’t a bad thing for a webserver to offer…

Thanks for considering!

I guess you want to add –with-gnutls option here?

diff --git a/packages/web/libmicrohttpd/package.mk b/packages/web/libmicrohttpd/package.mk
index 3f6005cff6..2003711eff 100644
--- a/packages/web/libmicrohttpd/package.mk
+++ b/packages/web/libmicrohttpd/package.mk
@@ -15,7 +15,8 @@ PKG_CONFIGURE_OPTS_TARGET="--disable-shared \
                            --enable-static \
                            --disable-examples \
                            --disable-curl \
-                           --enable-https"
+                           --enable-https \
+                           --with-gnutls"
 post_makeinstall_target() {
   rm -rf ${INSTALL}/usr/bin

This package is maintained by LE so maybe open there a issue/pull request:

Hmmm that has enable https on it already. Which I think is the key thing. But I don’t see the corresponding option in Kodi defined that should then be available…hmmm

I did edit the post, maybe it’s with-gnutls:

With this option set the lib does compile, if it works? No idea.

Yes it does need gnutls apparently.

Any chance of a Nexus build with it in??

As I wrote

But the configuration already reports:
HTTPS support: yes (using libgnutls)
Without any change

Apologies, missed that.

What exactly is missing with SSL?

Kodi on CE supports SSL but needs to be enabled under Settings/Services/Control and keys put as /storage/.kodi/userdata/server.key and server.pem.

Thankyou, I’m an idiot - I managed to look right past the Enable SSL setting somehow. Have just checked again and there it is. Not even sure how I missed it, my brain must have been thinking it was in another spot. My apologies for the noise, and thanks for your help!

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