Mini M8S Box and Tone mapping

I have a Mini M8S box running 9.2.8, and notice that the tone mapping options (HDR to SDR) are not available under the System-Coreelec setting. Is it because my box is too old and tone mapping is not supported? If not, how do I make the options appear?


I think you will need CoreELEC 19 Matrix for these options be available what isn’t supported by your used device I think, S905?

Thanks. Yeah, it seems only the ng version supports tone mapping. I installed the 9.2.8-ng (via update) and the tonemapping options showed up. However, the effect is minimal, plus the video playback is abit buggy (maybe because i installed via update rather than from scratch). In the end, I reverted back to the original 9.2.8 (non ng) version.

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